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Sac History Day – Exhibit 

Submission Instructions

You will submit your exhibit and all paperwork as one PDF file. You will also submit a separate image (PNG file) of your exhibit for the Showcase Event.


For the Sac History Day contest, only exhibits that are created digitally will be judged. Exhibit submissions that are photos/images of 3-D traditional exhibits will not be accepted.

Digital Exhibit Rules

The exhibit entry must conform to these rules and guidelines: 

  1. The exhibit must be created digitally.

  2. Your exhibit must conform to all NHD Exhibit rules* except, “D2 Size Requirements”

  3. The layout dimensions for your digital file must be no larger than 74” wide by 72” high.

  4. The font size for headings, subheadings, text, and quotes must be 20 point font or larger.

  5. The font size for credits must be 12 point font or larger.


*NHD Rules can be found at:

Creating a Digital Exhibit

You may create your digital exhibit using ANY program you prefer. Examples: Google Draw, Google Slides, Word, Canva, InDesign.



If you choose to include multimedia, put the link on your exhibit. Test the link on your PDF download. If sharing from your school Google Drive, please make sure that sharing is accessible to anyone. Test the link to make sure the multimedia can be accessed by someone outside your school.

Prepare your Exhibit & Written Materials

Preparing your exhibit for submission is a three-step process.

STEP 1 - Combine your final exhibit and written materials as one combined PDF file in this order:

  1. Title Page

  2. Process Paper

  3. Annotated Bibliography

  4. Exhibit

Combining multiple PDF’s into one

Use the free software or to merge your PDFs into one. 


Save a PNG file of just your exhibit for the virtual showcase.



Naming your files. Save your combined PDF and PNG with the following naming format:

    Division_Category_lastname(s).pdf  (or png)

            [separate last names by an underscore]



*NHD Rules can be found at:

STEP 4 - Submit Your files

  • Click on your combined exhibit and written materials (title page, process paper, annotated bibliography & poster) PDF and share it with ​(

  • Click on the final version of your exhibit PNG file​ and share it with ​(

What if my school Google or One Drive account does not allow me to share with someone outside of my school district?

Use a parent or teacher account to share your documentary. If you are still having problems or need assistance please contact your local history day coordinator.

What are the steps to share my documentary via Google Drive?

  • Right-click on the file you are submitting from your Google Drive.

  • Select the “Share” option from the menu.

  • Under People: enter the following gmail address: ​(insert google account)

  • Using the dropdown select "Can Edit"

  • Click the blue "Send" button.

What are the steps to share my documentary via One Drive? 

  • Right-click on the file you are submitting from your One Drive.

  • Select the “Manage Access” option from the menu.

  • Click the + next to Direct Access.

  • Enter the following gmail address:

  • Using the dropdown select "Can Edit"

  • Click the blue "Grant Access" button.

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