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Sac History Day – Documentary 

Submission Instructions

Due - Tuesday, February 14


Your group or individual documentary will be  submitted as a​ MP4 video file​. Your written  materials will be submitted as a ​PDF​.

For groups, only one group member needs to submit the project.

Your documentary must conform to all of  the rules in the NHD Rule Book:

Submitting Your Documentary

Save the ​final version​ of your documentary as a MP4 file​. Use the following naming format:

​      [separate last names by an underscore]

example          Jr_GroupDocumentary_Ortiz_Krishnan.mp4

STEP 2   
Save your written materials.

  1. Print or export your Title Page, Process Paper, and Annotated Bibliography as PDFs.

  2. Create ​one​ combined PDF​ of the following items in the order below.

    1.  Title Page

    2. Process Paper

    3. Annotated Bibliography


How to Combine your PDFs

You can use the free software ​or s​ ​to merge  your PDFs into one PDF document.


Naming your files. Save your combined PDF with the following naming format:

Division_Category_lastname(s).pdf    [separate last names by a underscore]   


example    Jr_GroupPerformance_Ortiz_Krishnan.pdf


Use the button below to complete a google form to submit your documentary and supporting paperwork.

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