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A historical website is a collection of web pages, interconnected with hyperlinks, that presents primary and secondary sources, interactive multimedia, and historical analysis. Your website should be an accumulation of research and argument that incorporates textual and non-textual (photographs, maps, music, etc.) description, interpretation, and multimedia sources to engage and inform viewers about your chosen historical topic.

The website category is the most interactive of all NHD categories. Therefore, a website should reflect your ability to use website design software and computer technology to communicate the topic’s significance in history. It should incorporate textual and non-textual (photographs, maps, music, etc.) descriptions, interpretations, and sources to engage and inform viewers. To construct a web site project, you must be able to operate, and have access to, the Internet, appropriate software and equipment. 

All NHD websites must be created on the NHDWebcentral platform. You can access the builder at:

Some questions to consider:

• Do I enjoy working with computer technology?
• Can my topic be split into a website format?
• Do I have steady access to the internet in order to work on my entry?


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Conducting Research
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