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A paper is the traditional form for presenting historical research and interpretation. As an alternative to a research paper, students may choose to write an historically-based creative paper, such as a fictional diary or an epic poem, however it must conform to all general and category rules. Your paper should be grammatically correct and well written. Please note the historical paper category is for individual students only.

History papers present information and analyze an event, person, place or idea from the past in writing. Although you might attach a map, chart or photograph that you refer to in your paper, you will rely mainly on words. Writing a paper is a chance to tell what you know and what you think about a part of the past.

Some questions to consider:

• Do I enjoy writing more than speaking in front of an audience?
• Would my topic be easier to describe in writing since it requires a lot of explanation?
• Do I work well by myself? (This is the only category that you cannot work in a group.)

Historical Paper

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