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History Day Timeline:  Educators

We know that every teacher can face challenges in integrating the History Day program in their classroom. Below we have suggested a broad timeline for completing the History Day program, which is flexible enough to adapt in any classroom setting or after school.

If you have questions or would like advice on to how best integrate the History Day process in your own classroom please contact History Day Coordinator, Craig Irish at (916) 228-2660 or

Suggested History Day Timelines in the Classroom​

September/October – Introduce the program to students and begin discussing the theme and possible topics they may be interested in choosing. Introduce secondary and primary resources.

October/November – Have students choose a topic and begin secondary research. Once they have narrowed their topic encourage them to begin researching using primary resources


December/January - Encourage students to conduct primary research and assist them in developing a strong thesis statement and designing their projects. Consider holding a school-wide or district competition.

End of January – School and student online project registration deadline.

February – Projects, including the bibliography and process papers, should be near competition.  Website, Historical Papers, and Documentary entries are due the middle of February.


March –  Help students prepare for competition day.  Make finishing touches, go over schedule and details.


First Weekend in March – Sacramento Count History Day Competition.

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