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History Day and Common Core State Standards

Sacramento County History Day (SCHD) is a vehicle for reaching Common Core State Standards (CCSS) student learning goals in history, academic reading and writing, message-based creative project development, effective use of technology, and interpersonal communication.  SCHD directly addresses the following CCSS areas:

• Reading Informational Text & Literature
• Writing, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Analysis
• Speaking & Listening


Instead of being squeezed into a packed curriculum, NHD blends History and English-language arts objectives and skills simultaneously.  Students can create NHD projects as part of their classroom experience.  Teachers can then decide if all or selected projects will move on to the SCHD competition. 

Check out the NHD-CA Toolkit to get started.  The toolkit is a timeline with resources on how to integrate NHD into your classroom.

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